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From TechChrunch Europe

We can no longer separate strategy from execution.
- Russell Davies, Really Interesting Group.

It’s so easy to put an idea online. Why develop something behind closed doors when you can throw it out into the community and get free input and feedback? The idea may take a completely new direction, but it will be more relevant.

Get the bare minimum of your application out in two weeks and see how it fares. Steer your development plan according to the feedback. If you don't do that, one of your competitors will and they'll reach your customers before you.

If you can't think about a very core functionality of your webapp that can be built and deployed in two weeks, you're using either the wrong technology to build it or you don't understand well your goals or both.

Connettiva specialises in letting you launch your webapp quickly. It may take months or years of work to complete it (*) but we give you a chance to focus on your target quickly.

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